Using JB7 with an iPod


IPods are designed to work with iTunes software and will only play MP3s loaded into them with iTunes - that means you cannot send music from JB7 to an iPod. 



This is the best way to connect your iPod to JB7.

  • 1) Plug your iPod into an Apple Universal Dock
  • 2) Connect the audio lead to JB7's Aux In
  • 3) Press Aux on the JB7 remote.
  • 4) Use the Apple remote to control the iPod




You can connect your iPod to the USB port and JB7 will charge the iPod battery and play MP3 files on the iPod - but JB7 will display odd names - iTunes gives the tracks odd filenames.

(JB7 will not play other file types like MP4 or AAC connected this way.)