I bought one of your 80GB versions and it is great, it is for my games room and rather than beam stuff around the house using sonos I now just load all of my CDs onto it, so I can take it on Holiday as well.

Great Product and Great Service 

Martin, Plymouth



I received my 80Gb JB7 a couple of weeks ago and now having had the chance to really get to grips with it, I must say I am very impressed. I had been considering buying a PC to connect to my HiFi, so that I could load all my existing music collection and also play any music I had downloaded without having to burn a copy to CD, the only problem with this solution was that I would need to have a monitor, keyboard and mouse in the front room which I wanted to avoid. The JB7 has provided the perfect solution enabling me to store my music collection on hard-drive, in a compact unit with no need for peripheral devices. The sound quality is excellent at normal compression and I will finally be able clear the racks of CDs out of my living room.  

Simon, Wiltshire



After taking delivery of my JB7 last week just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with it, it's GREAT! Such a neat piece of equipment & the sound quality is excellent. I will be recommending it to my friends.


Carol, Oldham



"Had to let you know - rcv'd my 80GB JB7 this Tuesday - what an awesome piece of kit! Have started ripping my CD collection and will have all the space I need & then some!" 


Richard, Antrim