JB7 - 40G

40 Gb jukebox - 600CDs, USB, 60Watts - £299.

Postage - £10 - Total £309  


jb7_eshop_300JB7 - 80G

80 Gb jukebox - 1200CDs, USB, 60Watts - £319.

Postage - £10 - Total £329

Sold Out 


jb7_eshop_300JB7 - 160G

160 Gb jukebox - 2500CDs, USB, 60Watts - £349.

Postage - £10 - Total £359


bsp50_eshop_300BSP 50

50 Watt bookshelf loudspeakers - £59

Postage - £10 - Total £69  


jb7_bsp50_eshop_300JB7 40GS

40 Gb jukebox & Bookshelf speakers - £358.

Postage - £10 - Total £368 


JB7 80GS

80 Gb jukebox & Bookshelf speakers - £378.

Postage - £10 - Total £388 

Sold Out


JB7 160GS

160 Gb jukebox & Bookshelf speakers - £408. Postage - £10 - Total £418


Album database on CDROM including postage & delivery £5.00

Released 1st November 2008 (all new JB7s have this installed).

Delivery charge to mainland Europe - £29 extra

Air Courier charge outside Europe  - £60 extra


Please allow 2-3 working days for delivery.

The prices and delivery are for UK customers. The Brennan JB7 has a 12 month warranty.


We are delighted that our customers are enjoying their JB7s so much - here is a bit of the feedback we get from Google.

International customers

Please read Do You Export? in the faq page.

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We chose Google Checkout because it is simple and because it protects you and us.

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Money Back Guarantee

You may not know this but all sales on the internet are governed by distance selling regulations that give you a cooling-off period of seven working days.

What this means for you is that if you change your mind within seven days just notify us and we will arrange collection and make a refund. You just pay the original postage - £10.

"To say that JB7 has transformed my life would be an exaggeration, but it has certainly rendered it more enjoyable: it is marvellous to be able to call up all one’s favourite music just by pressing a button."


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